Surface Solution Specialist

Equipment manufacturers, interior design and architectural applications of aluminium and aluminium alloys, all benefit from our services. Our management system oversees the operation of our efficient manufacturing processes.

PPC accepts product up to 6900mm in length, 500mm wide and 1300mm high.  If you require batch work, we will accept product up to 7000mm long, 1200mm wide and 1300mm high.

PPC can abrasive blast product which is 1200mm high, 1500mm long and up to 800mm wide (eg bicycles, cabinets, agricultural machinery and auto parts and accessories).

Couriers and postal services do not guarantee items will not be damaged in transit.  To protect the item PPC services for you, we package and cover the finished product for you to collect when complete.

PPC the surface solution specialist

  • Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)  Approved and Operator per Sunshine Coast Regional Council by laws
  • 6.8 metre oven
  • extensive colour range
  • chemical pre-treatment
  • enclosed abrasive blast room

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